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Our attorney and former Florida prosecutor, Christian Van Riper, is experienced in representing clients charged with violation of probation (VOP) offenses in Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties. 
When placed on probation, you are told of the conditions or rules you must complete or abide by while you are on probation. If you violate the conditions by intentionally or materially violating the rules, your probation may be violated. A probation officer will complete an affidavit requesting the judge to sign a warrant for your arrest. Thereafter, you may be kept in a county jail pending the results of a violation or bond hearing. 

Violations of probation proceedings are different from other criminal proceedings. The most critical difference is that the burden of proof is "preponderance of the evidence" and not "beyond a reasonable doubt" as it is during a regular criminal trial.  Further, in a VOP hearing, the judge will hear your case, not a jury.

If you are found guilty of violating the terms of your probation, a judge can sentence you to the maximum penalty you faced before being placed on probation, including prison or jail. It is imperative that you have a skilled criminal attorney represent you at your violation of probation hearing.

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Stuart criminal defense law attorneys experienced in representing men and women at violation of probation hearings in Martin County and St. Lucie County, FL. Violation of probation attorney Christian Van Riper, a former State Attorney (prosecutor), represents clients in cases involving violations of probation or violations of community control in Indian River County, FL.  The lawyers at our criminal defense law firm in Stuart, FL represent those accused of violating probation and represent clients at bond hearings at courts in Palm Beach County, Martin County and St. Lucie County, FL.  If you are in jail for violating probation, our Florida attorneys will quickly file a motion to reduce bond or a motion to set bond and quickly set it for a hearing before the judge handling your case. 
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Attorney, Chris Van Riper, a former Prosecutor in St. Lucie County, FL, is  available for free consultations for Violation of Probation (VOP) cases. If you violated terms of your probation following drug conviction by testing positive on a random drug test, call our attorney right away. We may be able to work with your probation attorney. Violation of probation lawyers in Port St. Lucie, FL. 
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Our criminal defense lawyers are available for free consultations at all jails and prisons in Martin, Palm Beach, Okeechobee, Indian River and St. Lucie counties including the St. Lucie County Jail (Rock Road), the Martin County Jail, Indian River County Jail, and Okeechobee County Jail.
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DUI violation of probation law firms in Stuart, FL. Our criminal attorneys are experienced with handling violations of probation or community control. Our Stuart, FL criminal defense law firm will work with clients on payment plans and other payment options in order to quickly represent them at hearings on violations of probation. If the opportunity arises, the lawyers at our Treasure Coast criminal defense attorneys will work with probation officers prior to the matter being set before a judge. Stuart Florida criminal justice attorneys.

Criminal defense attorneys in Stuart, FL who defend those accused of violating terms of probation. Our Stuart Criminal defense lawyers are experienced in handling all VOP cases, including those who violated probation after convictions or guilty pleas to DUIs, Grand Theft, Drug Trafficking, and all felonies. Criminal defense attorneys in Fort Pierce, FL.  Criminal lawyers in Stuart, Florida.  
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Martin County Florida criminal Defense Attorneys. For professional legal representation in criminal law matters, including VOP violations, contact Chris Van Riper today. Attorney Van Riper represents clients who live in Stuart, Hobe Sound, Fort Pierce, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Jupiter, Indiantown, Jupiter Island, Sewall's Point, Indiantown, Port Salerno and many other areas. Criminal Defense Attorney Van Riper is available for free consultations regarding VOP cases in White City, River Park, Eden, Hutchinson Island, Lakewood Park, and all cities in St. Lucie County.  Criminal defense law firms in Stuart, FL. Best.  Probation violation lawyer in Stuart, FL. Martin county FL criminal defense lawyers.

The consequences of violating probation or violating parole in Florida are similar. Violating either probation or parole may result in jail time. For example, you may have to serve the jail sentence that was suspended in favor of probation or you may have to serve the rest of, or the remainder of, the prison sentence if parole is violated.  Probation or parole may be violated in many ways. The most common cause of a VOP is failing to regularly report to a probation officer or a parole officer or committing another crime or using drugs or alcohol. Skilled parole violation defense in Florida is critical to a defendant's freedom. If you are facing jail time for violating probation, all our attorneys today for a free consultation. Hobe Sound criminal defense lawyers.  Martin County criminal law firms. Stuart FL criminal lawyers:

The VOP attorneys are available to meet with clients in Indian River county, FL. If you live in Vero Beach, Gifford, Sebastian, Fellsmere, Wabasso and all other locations in the Treasure Coast area, call our criminal defense attorneys for a free consultation. Violation of Community Control Lawyers in Martin County, FL For a free consultation regarding your criminal law VOP charge,  call Stuart attorney Christian Van Riper today.  If you violated your probation following a DUI conviction, call our criminal defense attorney to represent you at the violation of probation hearing before the judge. 
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Florida BUI law.  Criminal defense attorneys in Indian River County experienced in handling violation of probation cases. River Park VOP defense attorneys in Stuart, FL. What are the penalties for violating probation in Florida. DUI violation of probation lawyers in Lakewood Park, FL. Criminal defense attorneys in Martin County who handle violation of probation lawyers.  Payment plans available for handling violation of probation hearings.  Criminal Defense Attorneys in Stuart, FL experienced with VOP cases. Martin County FL Criminal defense violation of probation lawyers. Night criminal defense lawyers. VOP defense. Violation of probation defenses. Parole violation lawyers in Martin County, FL. Payment plan criminal defense. Criminal lawyer with weekend appointments.  Criminal defense attorney in Stuart, FL with evening appointments. Van Riper and Nies criminal defense lawyers in Stuart, Fla.  Martin County Florida criminal trial lawyers.   West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers - DUI license hearings. Criminal lawyers in Martin County experienced with VOP claims.